Wednesday, 4 May 2011

The Fun of Fundraising

It was about time that I wrote about the fantastic effort that was put in at my recent fundraising event in Beer, and the result – a huge amount of sponsorship to put towards my Justgiving target and my Mont Blanc attempt later this year.

Organised by one of my family members - Annette, an absolute star - she worked tirelessly (as did my Mother) in getting it all booked and off the ground, finding people that were willing to book tables, participate in some way by donating items for sale, or willing to help out on the day. Booked for the Saturday of the first bank holiday weekend, we were expectant that there would be a large number of people around due to the run of extremely good weather there had been just before the holiday. However, recent sales had not been very well attended so we were a little nervous.

With the help of Dan at The Roy Castle Lung Castle Foundation I had borrowed a large banner to hang outside The Mariner's Hall, as well as a good range of publicity material to spread out on a table in an advantageous position. I'd also let the local newspapers know about the upcoming sale, as well as one of them ran an article about my myself and my diagnosis, my work in highlighting the importance of early lung cancer detection, the lack of research funding, and of course my Mont Blanc climb. The same paper had also arranged for a photographer to attend on the Saturday should any rioting occur at the cake stall!

The day started off sunny, which was a good omen. My stepdad had parked his vintage British motorcycle (an AJS) outside, which was getting lots of admiring glances and helping to stop people on their way down the street. Natalie, a relative from Colyton, had her two little boys also set up outside doing a fast business in selling their toys onto unsuspecting punters. Born businessmen if ever there was! There were bric-a-brac stalls and a raffle and tombola with lots of generous prices donated by local businesses (too many to mention, but a BIG thank to you all if you're reading this). Naomi and myself were manning the kitchen, dispensing the teas, coffees and cakes - a very busy task at the height of the morning.

Picture courtesy of the Axminster Pulmans
All-in-all it was a fantastic morning, with a great turnout and dedication from everyone involved. It was very touching that so many people put so much hard work in, donated their time and energy or items. I can't really name them all in person, but obviously special thanks to Annette, my Mother, Lynette (for the coffee, tea and eggs!) and everyone else that donated generously.

I can't deny that it was a very tiring morning for me physically and mentally, but we raised a spectacular amount of money towards my sponsorship, which is bringing my target and Mont Blanc that ever bit closer. Hopefully my Father will be arranging a charity fundraising concert later in the summer, so I'll keep you posted.

Thanks for reading, until next time...

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